MONERUJO - Monero Wallet for Android devices.

Step-by-step using & creating tutorial.

Installing and Setting Up The Monerujo Wallet

Install Monerujo wallet app from Google’s Play store ( don't install apps from unknown sources ! ).
Once it’s downloaded go ahead and launch it. You'll see screen as bellow.
The first you’ll need to do, is add remote nodes; Tap "
Touch to select or add nodes" and you'll see next screen.
You can add nodes yourself or allow the application to automatically scan the network.
To automatically scan the network, swipe finger down on the empty screen.
Note : Monerujo may not automatically detect nodes if you will use a VPN.
If you want to add the node addresses manually - just tap "+ADD NODE"
MONERUJO - Monero Wallet for Android devices tutorial
Installing and Setting Up The Monerujo Wallet
Monerujo will display the nodes found. Choose which one you want by touching it.
The next screen will be displayed with the parameters automatically filled in. Confirm by pressing OK
That's all. Adding nodes has been completed. You can add or remove nodes you want at any time.
Monero remote nodes for Monerujo XMR wallet
Monerujo setting up - add Monero remote nodes

Creating a new Monerujo wallet

After add node, we can going to start create a new Monero wallet in Monerujo finally.
Tap "+" and select the first option
"Create new wallet".
In next screen enter a name for the wallet. You can set a password also, but it’s optional.
After entering your wallet name and password - tap the button that says
“Make me a wallet already!”.
Monerujo. Step-by-step wallet creating wizard for android devices
Monerujo - Monero wallet creating tutorial
On the next screen you will see all wallet data.
If you intend to store Monero in this Monerujo wallet, you must securely save this data.
The most important is "Mnemonic Seed"; It will should help to recover your funds if you lose your wallet.
You can also save "Wallet Files Restore Password" for restore Monerujo wallet files on your device.
Note : You must write it down somewhere manually. You won't be able to take a screenshot of your device.
For the safety of your funds, Monerujo secure and blocked the ability to take of screenshots.
If you have writing down all necessary data, you can finish creating of your new Monerujo wallet;
Move down the screen and tap "
That's all. Your wallet is ready to send and receive funds.
How to Monerujo wallet creating for Monero ( XMR ) guide
A step-by-step guide on how to create an XMR wallet in Monerujo
In the Monerujo app, in the same way as described above, you can create as many wallets as you would like.
Just touch "+" and quickly create the next wallet. Each wallet can have a different name and password.
This is very comfortable to manage your Monero and organizing of receiving & sending payments on your phone.
Monerujo XMR cryptocurrency wallet for Android - tutorial for beginners
Monerujo - multiple wallets on Android for Monero ( XMR ) cryptocurrency

Using Monerujo to send Monero ( and other funds )

Tap the name of the wallet you want to use.
You will be asked to enter a password, and you will see a screen with the amount of XMR in this wallet.
At the bottom of the screen will be "RECEIVE" and "GIVE" buttons also.
Tap "
GIVE" to pay or send funds.
Monerujo - Monero ( XMR ) wallet  - step by step instruction for beginners
Using Monerujo to send Monero ( XMR ) and other currencies & funds
On the next screen, enter the recipient's address.
You can enter it by copy/paste or scan QR code ( "SCAN" button at the bottom of the screen ).
Fields "Payment ID" and "Private Notes" are optional.
After entering the recipient's address, touch "AMOUNT" to enter the amount to be sent.
Write the amount of XMR from the numeric keypad and confirm with the "
CONFIRM" button.
Sending Monero ( XMR ) using Monerujo cryptocurrency wallet tutorial
Monerujo cryptocurrency wallet. Step-by-step guide
Monerujo will prepare the transaction and calculate a small fee for sending XMR.
Check all data ( amount, fee and address ) one last time. If everything is correct - tap "
Monerujo - Basic Cryptocurrency Wallet Guide
How to Get Started with Monerujo Monero ( XMR ) wallet
You will need to enter your wallet password to confirm the transaction.
After confirmation - you will see the screen with the information "
SUCCESSFULLY SENT" and ID of Transaction.
That's all. The recipient should receive your payment / Monero within a 10-20 minutes.
MONERUJO - Android Monero ( XMR ) wallet guide for beginners
Monerujo XMR wallet guide - instruction
Monerujo allows conversion Monero to Bitcoin and sending founds to BTC addresses also.
By integrating with the service, Monerujo able to send XMR payments to BTC addresses.
Just enter or scan the Bitcoin address; Monerujo will automatically detect BTC address and convert XMR to BTC.
This allows you to pay in BTC without losing your anonymity and privacy of Monero cryptocurrency.
Monerujo wallet Guide - send Monero to Bitcoin addresses
Monerujo XMR wallet guide
Another cool feature of the Monerujo wallet, is possible to automatically convert various currencies to XMR.
Suppose you want to send someone $12 in XMR; Monerujo will convert it automatically and you will be able to send
the required amount without looking for the current exchange rate and calculate XMR amounts manually
Just touch the orange XMR button at the entered amount and the currency menu will expand.
Monerujo - Monero ( XMR ) wallet guide
How to send USD from Monerujo XMR wallet Tutorial

Receiving XMR In Monerujo

To receive XMR you need only to share your wallet address for the sender.
Enter your wallet and tap green "RECEIVE" button at the bottom of the screen.
You’ll see next screen. It shows your public address at the top of the screen, which can be copied and shared.
You can also let the sender scan the QR code presented at the bottom of the screen.
Both your address and QR code, you can share with the sender via E-mail, SMS, Bluetooth and others way.
You do it using the standard Android icon "share", in the upper right corner of the screen.
On this screen is possible to automatically convert various currencies to XMR also.
If you want the sender to send you, for example, $20 in XMR - Monerujo will automatically convert USD to Monero.
Just touch the orange XMR button at the entered amount and the currency menu will expand.
Receiving XMR In Monerujo
Monerujo - Android wallet for Monero ( XMR ) - guide & instruction
Important notes
Monerujo is a convenient application to operate Monero on Android devices.
However, you must remember that cryptocurrency wallets for Android are not considered safe.
You can get more security buying a hardware wallet, e.g. Ledger Nano S, supported by Monerujo.
Nowadays, there are a lot of applications that allow you to capture all information from smartphones.
So, it is important that you are 100% sure of your device.
Do not use cryptocurrency wallets on second-hand devices ( it may already have the invisible spy app installed ).
If you are unsure of the device - reset it to factory settings;
If the device not have "root" - spy app will be removed by factory reset.
These notes apply to all cryptocurrency wallets and banking applications.
When sending Monero from a Monerujo wallet (and other XMR wallets), you can enter optional "Payment ID".
You must remember, that some recipients require it necessarily.
E.g. the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange requires "Payment ID" for XMR, and without it you can lose your funds.
Do not install Monerujo wallet app from unknown sources.
You can always find trusted sources on the Monerujo website :
Monerujo is really useful, open-source and free application.
If you want to show, that you appreciate the work of Monerujo developers - you can send them some XMR.
Monero address for support Monerujo you can find on