MyMonero - Monero ( XMR ) Wallet Creating Tutorial

Creating and using MyMonero wallet is fast and very easy.
To access MyMonero wallet service head to 
Make sure the connection is secure which you can confirm by paying attention to the URL.
Once the website is loaded you will see the screen as below :
MyMonero - Creating Monero ( XMR ) Wallet tutorial
Monero ( XMR ) cryptocurrency - create wallet in MyMonero instruction
You can download and run the MyMonero client on your computer or run directly in your browser.
This tutorial is about creating a wallet directly in the browser.
After enter on and choosing "Access Web Wallet" you will see the screen as below :
Create XMR Wallet in MyMonero - Easy Step by Step Tutorial
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To create your new XMR wallet, select "Create new wallet".
You will see the screen with all information (as below).
You must check the agreement ( "GOT IT!" ) And click "Next" in the upper right corner of the screen.
MyMonero - how to creating monero ( XMR ) wallet
MyMonero - description, instruction, tutorial for Monero ( XMR ) wallet
Now you will see the screen as below and only and truly important information : your "mnemonic".
The words you see are your "seed" - data that allows access and possible recovery of the wallet.
Write it down somewhere (the order of words is also important). The seed is of vital importance and should not be shared with anyone or lost, otherwise, it will not be possible to access the funds.
How to use MyMonero - Monero ( XMR ) wallet
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After writing down your "mnemonic" ( seed ) you can go the next step. Select "Next" in the upper right corner of the screen.
You will see the screen as below and you will have to verify the saved 'mnemonic" in the correct order to check if you have done it right.
MyMonero access password ( mnemonic, seed ) for Monero XMR
Monero ( XMR ) cryptocurrency - wallets list and description : MyMonero
Do not enter your seed from the keyboard, only choose it from the few words given by the page, by selecting it in the right order. After verifying that you have saved yourself correctly several of your "mnemonic" the screen should look more or less like below and you should have a blue button "Confirm" in the upper right corner of the screen.
My Monero wallet - XMR wallet creating instruction
All about cryptocurrencies : Monero and MyMonero wallet for XMR
After selecting "Confirm" you should see the screen as below.
Your Monero wallet is founded. You can receive and send XMR already.
MyMonero Wallet - Creating XMR ( Monero ) wallet for beginners